• Carl-Philippe Pierre-Paul – Psy.D. – Miami, Florida

    I have worked in the field of mental health for over 10 years and have witnessed genuine efforts by many different organizations at accommodating the needs of their employees. I can say with the utmost candor and fervor that the level of attention, sensitivity and support I have received at Clay Consulting far surpasses anything I have ever witnessed or experienced anywhere else in my many years of employment. The open-door policy at Clay Consulting, together with the receptivity to feedback, fosters a friendly and pleasant atmosphere conducive to a satisfied work force. In addition, Clay Consulting continually seeks to ensure the population to which it provides health services, namely military Veterans, are treated with the highest level of well-deserved respect, care, empathy and kindness. Thank you, Clay Consulting, for supporting and ensuring the dignity of our Veterans.
  • Andrea Arns – Au.D. – Sarasota, Florida

    I have been with Clay Consulting for two years as one of the audiology providers in Florida. I have thoroughly enjoyed my job and truly feel this is the position I was meant to hold in this field. I love working with Veterans and grateful for the opportunity with this company! I have had the chance to train others in this position, and I am grateful to be able to grow my professional network in multiple states and keep open lines of communication so we can help one another out. I'm excited for the company’s continued growth and success! I love what I do!"
  • Michelle Booker-Horn – FNP-C – Temple, Texas

    I have been with the company since December 2016 and consider it a privilege and honor to serve the Veterans that have sacrificed so much for this country. I have grown as a provider and as a person overall through my encounters and experiences with Clay Consulting in the past six years. When I started with this company, I never imagined that I would be here this many years later. However, the Lord had a different path for me, and I am so grateful that I was obedient. Mr. Richard Turner hired me in San Antonio, Texas just as I was about to sign a contract for CRDAMC-Ft. Hood, Texas. The trajectory-shift was certainly for my good. I feel that I have the best work family imaginable, and we all share one goal; To foster an atmosphere of support, trust, diversity, and caring with upmost respect to all the Veterans we encounter on daily basis. As a Veteran myself, I hold a true sense of pride and patriotism for this country. It is certainly a privilege to work for this company and serve Veterans alongside some of the best humans on earth.”
  • Godwin Omigie – AGNP-C – Arlington, Texas

    It’s been a great honor working at Clay Consulting. When I started with this great company, we had about six clinics, but now, I have lost count how many clinics we have all over the country. I can remember being interviewed by Mr. Richard Turner. He told me 5 years ago that he wanted me to travel for him. I accepted because I saw a man with great vision and I was willing to go above and beyond. He provided me with everything I needed to succeed as a Nurse Practitioner. This was my first job after graduating as a Nurse Practitioner. Ever since then, I am loving it here at Clay Consulting. Great pay and benefits, good 401k, a healthy work environment, and a great management team.
  • Angela Simonowicz – Au.D. – San Antonio, Texas

    As someone who has grown up in San Antonio, I have always had a strong desire to work with Veterans. Through my position as an Audiologist with Clay Consulting, I am able to do just that. I like that I have the support of management when needed but also the autonomy to perform my daily duties independently. Working for Clay Consulting has truly been a perfect fit for me.
  • Gabriel Morales – FNP-BC – Harlingen, Texas

    As a provider working with Clay Consulting, it has been inspiring and profound. As Veterans share their experiences with me, I have laughed, I have cried, and I have grown, I have grieved, and I definitely have developed and learned. If you think you've been through it all, you haven't really lived. I am so fortunate and pleased to be part of this organization that provides a service to those that sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears for our freedoms. I always tell our heroes this, "whether you served a day or a hundred years, YOU took the initiative to serve our country. And for that, I will always be grateful!"